Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1996-05-16 "Canvassers out to stop bear hunts"

May 16, 1996, Thur.
The Vancouver Province
by Charlie Anderson

Canvassers out to stop bear hunts

The Western Canada Wilderness Committee wants to put a shot gun to the head of bear trophy-hunting in BC.

And its weapon of choice is the new Recall and Initiative Act that was originally introduced to allow BC voters to get rid of unpopular politicians. . . .

Anthony Marr of WCWC said the move is necessary to help maintain bear populations in the face of sky-rocketing poaching which, by definition, is out of control. . . .

“It is going to require a massive effort, and we are counting on friends in other environmental groups to help out,” said Marr, who will begin his province-wide road-tour to propagate the message in June.

But Doug Walker of the BC Wildlife Federation slammed the move, which he says will penalize legitimate hunters of game.

“Our 35,000 members are people who like to hunt and fish and backpack and go out to the outdoors. They have a valued respect for the wildlife,” said Walker.

“These fringe groups like to come along and marginalize the fact that people hunt to put food on the table. They are not out there just for some blood sport. They are out there because this is part of something they have done for generations and generations.”

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