Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1996-04-04 Letter from a private citizen

April 4, 1996, Thur.
Ms. Neil Sumner
4398 West 8th Ave.

Dear Mr. Marr:

I have seen you on TV and have read about you in our local newspapers and I want to tell you what a very import job you are doing for bears and generally, our environment. I was impressed to see you giving talks at schools to try to convince a young generation of Asian and non-Asian Canadians to understand the importance of preservation of our forests, or a single tree in our neighbourhood, and of course, the creatures that live in our forests and countryside. You have a large task and, in my opinion, are going about it the right way to make a difference.

I have despaired to think our bear population would go the way of the tigers and rhinos and other bear species in Asia. You are the first important step in BC that will make a difference. It’s a heavy burden to put upon you, but please keep up the excellent work and find a way to overcome the barriers that have come your way.

Yours sincerely,

N. Sumner

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